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Jamie thinks everyone is phony and a loser if they don't listen to Indie or dress a certain way. He's very judgmental and thinks he knows everything. The things I hated about this book was how everyone, literally everyone, did drugs. What really annoyed me was when his father showed up in an expensive car and lit a joint right away. Like come on. The way his father was portrayed seemed amazing until the author had to make him a drug user on top of everyone else in this book. His dad's life seemed to good for that.

Also, everyone wore a bandana in some way. One outfit towards the end of the book really annoyed me. It was explained to be really pretty, but then BAM a bandana was tied around her neck. Like what?

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Why would a girl ruin a cute outfit with that? The ending was good, but then it got bad. It should've just ended at one point but it seemed the author thought it shouldn't. Although I liked that twist but I still hated the overall ending. I got attached to Justin, Jamie's father the most.

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I think that character was probably the best one in the whole book. I've read all of Jason Myers books which if I remember correctly James Morgan is mentioned in all of them as well as Lamborghini Dreams which is pretty cool.

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Aug 04, Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I just feel like sobbing. That raw emotion after watching Requiem for a Dream.. I think this is my favorite book by Jason Myers. The characters and relationships interwoven into this book really touched me. I felt something extra towards each of them. Each character has their own demon but they also have something positive to give to the world even if they don't know it.

This book is filled with quotes that will stay with me for a long time. And I must mention their are several book and music references that made me smile. I will definitely be making a playlist for the book. Aug 04, Heather Catlin rated it it was amazing. I didn't want it to end. I love his characters. Jamie's mom was an addict and he struggles with addiction himself. He meets friends that make him feel like a part of the world, he joins a band, has his first girlfriend, has a family now, has a life.

Then it's time for him to go back to his mom and his world changes again I can't get enough of Jason Myers!!!!!! Jan 16, Emily Smith rated it it was ok. Yeah, I didn't really like this book. Maybe I would have liked it more if I was a little younger, maybe like early high school aged, like the main character. The ending of the book was better than the beginning, but there were a lot of repetition in the writing style that I didn't like which made it a bit boring. For instance, I wish I had a dollar every time someone was wearing a bandana or that Jaimie's drug use was referred to as "chasing the dragon.

Predictable and flat story, even flatter characters, poor and sloppy writing, and just overall, a very poorly done book. The ending is terrible, and everything leading up to it doesn't have much to say either. Very disappointing. Jul 12, Randy rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , contemporary.

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Basically, hipster wish fulfillment. Which gets pretty tedious. More reviews at The Book Mark. Feb 25, Kat marked it as dnf Shelves: ya , udate , contemp , realistic-fiction. Sep 15, Ariana Henson rated it it was amazing.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jamie doesn't hate women, otherwise he wouldn't be falling in love with them. He has an insane mother with serious substance problems who created this impressionable film for Jamie. It says in the book, that when his mother went on that tangent about how all women are cunts, he was He is a musical prodigy. The referencing of bands and albums was hard to keep up with, but by reading this book, I became addicted to some of the music that was listed. Listening to these songs while reading the book gave me a more broad picture of who Jamie was and why he was so angry.

The first page opens up with Jamie being called angry.

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We knew this from the start. Imagine not knowing your dad and taking care of your addict mother for years and years. This will fuck you up and make you an asshole in fear of getting hurt. I am a high school senior and maybe that is why this book is so easy for me to connect to, I talked like this when I was 14, and I also got my heart fucking shattered like Jamie. Seeing the way that Jamie talks about everyone being "phony" and "fake", in reality has nothing to do with the fact that they don't listen to bands he likes or dress the same way.

Jamie sits on the outside, he has never experienced what its like to have someone dependable or honest and again is afraid of letting people in and ending up hurt. So instead he is negative and acts as if he hates everything. He's lived with his psycho mother his entire life, manipulating him into thinking that she is all he needs. His mother was willing to commit homicidal suicide with her own son, than let Jamie live his dream life in SF. Even as a dream, when Jamie woke up and his mom was wearing her PJ pants and coat, he knew. Jamie knows the power his mom holds over him.

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The guilt, and manipulation and fear that piles up on top of this 14 year old making him feel like he's suffocating. His mother is all he has known his entire life. Obviously he is going to believe his moms word over anyone else's. He loves his mom and in this book, the reader can sometimes get caught up in how negative Jamie is and everything he hates, instead of realizing his appreciation towards beauty.

Jamie appreciates beautiful fucking things. Jamie doesn't see bullshit, he sees everything as raw and real and thats truly amazing. When I was 14 I was no where near as intelligent as Jamie appears to be. This book is not promoting the use of drugs or alcohol. This book doesn't romanticize substance abuse. Its raw and exposing. It shows the consequences of Jamies addiction that time in the alley where Jamie gets jumped and Dominique leaves him for trying to buy drugs.

Not everything about being addicted to drugs is about the feeling and the escaping of reality. It talks about him detoxing, his anxiety over the fact that he only has 8 pills left, or the fact that he's turning out like his mother. Jamie knows his problem and I truly feel like there is a large character development right in the middle of this book. Jamie has Dominique, he believes his father, he has James Morgan and Kristen and is in two fucking rad bands, and realizes that the glass castle is no longer important because there is nothing to escape from.

He wants to be able to feel so he ditches the pills and goes through the process of getting clean. Jamie tried, but in the end he has always been escaping his mother because with his mother comes responsibility that no 14 year old should ever be forced to hold. This book is truly amazing and I was so heart broken when it came to an end. I read this book so fast because I was eager to figure out what happens next. Its truly a beautiful book and while i agree some of the characters appear flat and underdeveloped, its written in the POV of a 14 year old which is insane.

The poetry, and the music and the descriptions of the people and places was amazing. This is one of my favorite books iv'e read so far and I read a book a week. Jan 04, Claire rated it it was amazing. This book grabbed my by the neck and shook me to my core. I absolutely loved reading every second of it. Without living each characters exact experiences, I could still relate to them. From Jamie feeling disconnected from his mother, while his mother lives for the high and becomes suicidal, and Jamie's dad trying his best to connect with his son and just This book took me in for an entire two weeks.

I kept re-reading it until I fully grasped everything, from Jamie's moms suicide to Jamie changing his mind multiple times and finally deciding to stay with his mom back in Joliet. Like any good book does, I was left with questions at the end. I would love for any fans of this book to give me their opinions on these questions :. How does Dominique take Jamie staying in Joliet and what does she do? Does Jamie's mother ever get clean or does she fall back into old habits?

Does Jamie spiral back into smoking and taking oxys?

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