Campion and the Demon Boy

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Pre-Induction Information 1943

And breached horse etiquette by being a bit to. I've been working on an old painting in GIMP, given that I wasn't too happy with the way it turned out in real life. I changed the format from a square to a rectangle, and introduced some changes, cutting and pasting trees from other finished paintings. Like the repoussoir on the left? I might end up just inventing one, the way Constable used to. Shoving pixel.

Plein air II. No Preview Available.

Campion and the Demon Boy

Plein air. Colour Wheel. I found these in my painting folder. They're from some colour studies I did back in , the colour wheel starting life as an attempt in oils at a YURMBY wheel, which places red, green, and blue, between cyan, magenta, and yellow. It went through GIMP at some point, lost the pencil lines and got tidied up a little after gaining an inner circle which places colours against their most contrasting colour.

Some painters are n. Current drawings. I'm taking a break from landscape, given that the local countryside looks like a midden right now, to concentrate on figure drawing. I started by drawing myself, after catching sight of me one morning in the mirror in the process of getting up.

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I thought, 'You know, you look good. I began to draw myself, which set me several difficult tasks. Such as, have you ever tried to draw your own ha. A Modest Proposal. During my morning constitutional I found this scene at a favourite painting spot. Now, I'm an old softy at heart. I believe in rehabilitation rather than punishment.

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I think mercy is the better part of justice. I do not favour the death penalty. But people who fly-tip should be beaten to death with wire coat hangers. Some of the gentler souls among you might find that opinion a little challenging, but hear me out. The local author. RIP Flip Mino. I bought a little Flip Mino video camera in , and used it to make the painting videos I put up on my YouTube channel.

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I carried it everywhere, to take reference footage for paintings while I was out and about. The camera was light and small enough to slip into a coat pocket. The video quality was surprisingly good given its size, and the stills I took from it had a pleasantly painterly character, with extraneous detail smoothed out into blobs of tone and colour, like this:. Why are you painting that? Back in February of last year I stood on a path at the edge of a field and painted a small wood.

Some kid walking his dog stopped to take a look and asked me what I found to paint 'in this place'. The way he said it set me thinking. He sounded local, looked like he might have had a rural job. And he was evidently baffled as to why I chose to paint what, to him, looked drab and ordinary.

Devil’s Rock Demon Bitch is In Your Face

Except it plainly wasn't. The winter sun glared like a flashbulb going off. That har. In a recent post I said I wanted to step up my painting game, and needed tuition to help me do that. But where to find it? There are options out there: painters who run their own workshops or schools of art, painters who make DVDs of their instructional videos, painters who write illustrated how-to-paint books, and even painters who do all three.

About Joseph Francis Campion

I'm too skint and lazy to pay for, or attend, a workshop. That leaves me with two choices, videos and books. Sargent on Cezanne. MacColl wrote an article in the Nineteenth Century, "A Year of Post-Impressionism," he received from Sargent the following letter: My dear MacColl, I have enjoyed reading your article on Post-Impressionism very much—I should think it would bring a good many people to their senses—I admire the certainty with which you have refrained from hinting at the possibility of bad faith on the part of people like Matisse or at the theory that I am inclin.

Website Vanity II. A website is an absolutely necessary piece of online real estate for every artist, where you can display, promote, and sell your work. A website is an expensive way to waste time you could have spent painting. You have to learn to code, or pay someone to do it for you, and either way it costs you time or money.

Your expensive premium WordPress theme looks great, but it slows down your site so much that Google hates you.

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So you waste ha. I've been drawing self portraits since I was an art student, partly because it's good drawing practice, but mainly because it's easier than persuading someone to sit for me. Drawing the human face or figure means that any mistakes leap out at you, so you're less inclined to let your drawing become lax. Drawing yourself means you've always got a model, but it also means you get to examine your face somewhat more closely than you usually would, and see the harm that time is doing.

Choosing paintings to show. My father was convinced they were Japanese or part of the family of the Korean laborers the Japanese used for construction on these islands. It was the first contact my father had with women and children in combat and he was stunned when the machine gunner began firing on them. The spectacle of the children being torn up by the rounds was one that he never forgot and that returned repeatedly.

It was a common practice for the Japanese to booby trap the civilians and send them down the trails to be welcomed by the Allied soldiers without skepticism, allowing them to get close enough to detonate explosives they wore and kill as many soldiers as possible. This strategy was explained to him after the fact, but the patrol found no explosives on the women and children. After heavy fighting on Bougainville in March and April of , the two sides settled down to defensive positions and minimized skirmishes in the no-man's- land between them. Japanese soldiers could be seen in the jungle beyond right field watching recreation baseball games between teams from the Americal Division.

Another was captured after getting too close to the base theater on movie night.

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The prisoner was cheering the news reel footage of the sinking of the carrier Lexington by the Japanese Navy. Such behavior was considered unacceptable despite the current conditions. There is little other evidence in my grandmother's collection of papers and pictures to provide evidence of his participation in the battle. If he did have access to a camera, he did not document his time on Guadalcanal or Bougainville.

By July of , my grandmother's scrap book displays evidence that my father was assigned to Naval Mobile Hospital 10 on Banika in the Russell Islands. By this time he was a Pharmacist's Mate PhM3c. This rating title for petty officers was established in as Pharmacist's Mate PhM , following the pattern of some of the Navy's other ratings boatswain's mate, gunner's mate, etc.

Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy
Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy
Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy
Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy
Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy
Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy
Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy
Campion and the Demon Boy Campion and the Demon Boy

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