Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)

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Reporter James Napora at first determined to expose the miracle as a hoax, especially when he learns the secret of Jerri Durr, finds instead that God is working through this experience to draw him to Christ. Along the way Roxelle Tendair, Pastor of Lakeview Church, finds that her greatest antagonist is in fact her greatest strength.

The book explores the secret of Sister Simons' bitterness and Tiffany's miracle. And then alive again? These are questions for young Reuben after his cousin Lazarus is raised by Jesus of Nazareth. Reuben's curiosity about Jesus leads to a bloody encounter with Roman soldiers, insights from Bartimaeus of Jericho, and witnessing the disciples' anger over a dancing girl washing Jesus' feet. Reuben almost comes to believe Jesus is the Messiah, until Jesus destroys the marketplace in the Temple, curses a tree, and is arrested. But a final act of faith and courage leads to answers for Reuben.

The main character has been having some strange, spiritually-related dreams that he believes are his way of fighting for those under spiritual oppression. As the story progresses, he begins to see physical results from his dreams, and even experiences warfare with spiritual entities in the natural.

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The central focus on his warfare is a young child who is severely oppressed by strong demonic forces, and the battles intensify as he strives to help free her. Any other man would have laughed, but Orlando, who teaches mythology, is intrigued. Drawn by concern for their plight and by the beautiful young woman's extraordinary knowledge of myths, Orlando befriends her and offers protection. Orlando begins to unravel the mystery of Axis Mundi.

He discovers a regime in which human nature, slavery, freedom and spiritual realities are laid bare. The battle for his son's soul reaches new levels as Orlando squares off against the ruler of Axis Mundi. The conflict culminates in a court trial in which Orlando, accused of blasphemy, grasps the essence of fatherhood. They struggle with the horrors of the British Civil War and the political and religious issues of that era. They seek for truth and love in a nation torn apart by religious power-mongering and violence, and they find their own answers to their quests for freedom and security.

Throughout the story their lives intertwine and they are confronted with issues in their relationships with each other and with God. They reach across barriers of social and religious differences to relate to one another. Nell discovers that the cross of Christ has reconciled her with Father God.

Heart of the Matter - Book of Mormon Pt 3 - Shawn McCraney

The work is the middle part of a trilogy that spans generations and nations as it traces the history of the Christian church from Roman Britain to the age of missions and social justice. Set in a fantasy world with a medieval feel, it follows the life of fifteen year old Shara, betrothed to a selfish nobleman, even as her feelings grow for Nicho, the groom.

Shara discovers a book, whose ancient script has the power to transport readers into its pages, and here she encounters the King and Prince E'Shua, whose kingdom of Herhon is torn apart by civil war. The further she is drawn into the book's mysterious world, the more she realizes how closely interwoven it is with her own, and through its pages she discovers her true identity and the path to freedom. A perilous journey ensues for Shara and her companions, as her enemy tries everything to prevent her from reaching her true homeland. Poison Tree Path combines adventure and romance with Christian themes such as salvation, Christ's sacrificial love, our great worth in God's sight and the power of prayer.

Arthur was young and energetic, torn between his love for Maggie and the urge to see what lay beyond his small, rural Alabama town. He faced an ageless dilemma that many, even today, have to resolve for themselves. The story should appeal to young people who are or have faced such decisions, as well as older readers who recall their own struggles. Arthur's adventures often placed him at odds with his Christian upbringing. He found spiritual support from an unlikely source, an old ex-slave and his son.

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When Arthur finally turned homeward, he's confronted with unforeseen obstacles. Maggie faced her own challenges as she waited for Arthur's return. The story has a pleasant ending when the couple re-unites, marries and starts a family. The reader will experience intrigue and conflict through-out the story.

Such trauma leads to soul-searching, of trying to make sense of something that strikes us as senseless. Portals is a story that, at its core, explores a simple question: If I could change the past, would I? It sounds like a simple question. As the novel reveals, it isn't. For Jesse, the focus character in the story, the question is no longer rhetorical. His wife, Ellen, drowned in Stillman's Lake when the two were celebrating their sixth anniversary. Now, three years later, Jesse is given a chance to go back and change the events of that fateful day.

When Elisha prays to make God her best friend, she is taken to a magical kingdom with angels who can't fly, a valley of rainbows, and a winged golden lamb. The angels give Elisha five ancient scrolls. Each scroll has a mysterious secret, that if discovered, will bring her closer to God. Time is running out. A strange man is plotting to close the doors to the magical kingdom, and tempt her onto a darker path. What are the five secrets to being best friends with God?

Can Elisha complete her mission before the man intervenes? And what will happen if she does succeed? Just when she's ready to give up the fight, social worker Leslie however enters her life, and convinces Sarah that she's worthy of love.

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Leslie and co-worker Dr. Chuck Stevenson provide Sarah with the psychological tools to cope with her past and prepare for a healthy future, and also introduce her to another patient, Matt, who suffers from severe mental illness after losing his entire family.

Sarah discovers that, with the compassionate therapy Leslie and Chuck provide and with faith she can face her problems. She develops strength to manage her own troubled past and her brothers violence towards her. Sarah and Matt find not only inner strength, but true admiration for each other - admiration that soon leads to love.

As the evil within Hurricane Igor bears down upon Seeley's Mountain, these wilderness adventurers are forced to choose between light and darkness, fear and faith. When faced with a "natural disaster", these characters have the opportunity to witness faith in action and to confront their own core belief systems. Amos's reaction to his son's death is to preach Hell in church and public; both spouses are shunned by the community.

Carrie confronts Dr. Monroe who caused their son's death, infuriating and threatening him; he kills Amos in retaliation, leaving Carrie devastated. She establishes a group including Allan, CEO of Jett Pharmaceuticals, to expose damages caused by antidepressant usage. Nellie Monroe confronts her husband, who plots to kill her also.

Allan, a suspect in the murder, approaches Nellie, finding her and Monroe in a death grip. Police arrest a psychotic Monroe. Robbins, the town's eccentric, gives Carrie a rosebud, saying that the cycle is complete. Still friends, Carrie tells Allan that they must reread Hawthorne to understand, and they leave together. Coleman Witherspoon, the Patriot in the title, is a power-hungry, glory-seeking man who wants personal recognition even more than he wants political freedom from England.

Still, he believes strongly that the colonies should be free. He determines to do his part by turning Searcyville into a Patriot stronghold. To accomplish this, he must break the hold of its founder, Seymour Searcy, on the town. He manages to drive a wedge in Seymour's family but to deliver a final blow, he persuades the sequestration committee to take away Seymour's most prized possession - the plow with which he turned the first furrow in the town he established.

His vibrant account of the first dream ignites the curiosity of his friend. James, the narrator of the novel, one of Walter's former students, visits his old mentor out of loyal obligation.

Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)
Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)
Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)
Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)
Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)
Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)
Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)
Change of Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 3)

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