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Dr. Scott Stanley
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But this article is more about coasting when things are going good not when they are bad. I am reminded of Usain Bolt from Jamaica blew away his competition in a race at the Olympics.

Toward the end of that race he looked around at his competition and I swear he actually slowed down! Now, he still won the race, but what if he had kept his head down and ran as hard as he did the first 90 yards, would he have set a different kind of record?

Coasting To Nowhere feat. HMills

That last 10 yards is the toughest, of that there is no doubt, but what if? Now, I am certainly not a yard dash kind of guy, for those of you that have met me in person you know that to be true. When business is slow, we all dig in and do what needs to be done right?

Work that extra 15 minutes? Taken in medium sized doses, it acts on the system gently and easily. It tones up the nerves, develops the muscles, brings a sparkle to the eyes and a glow of health to the cheek. An interesting aspect of the heavy use of the steep Lafayette Square roadways was that it turned them to glazed ice, dissuading any wagons from attempting the use of them for transport until warmer temperatures intervened.

Coasting Lyrics - Edges: A Song Cycle musical

For a short time, the downhill stretches of Missouri and Mississippi Avenues were the sole province of the coasters. An article from January mentioned that the ice in Lafayette Park was too rough for skating, and that those who came out returned home for their sleds.

Jonathan Simons

Most of the bobsleds were fitted out with a gong or bell, and a few even had headlights. The reporter thought it a miracle that with the speed and number of collisions no one was killed. The risk of Coasting is more like rolling on down a big highway, just cruising along, and missing a crucial turn off that was a more direct path to what you really wanted to have happen in your life. Think of all the places we can coast in life: Career goals.

What is a coasting school?

Education goals. Marriage or parenting family are big areas where there are opportunities you may, in the future, wish you took in terms of time and attention with those you love, but life is Coasting by. Why it is so easy to Coast?

Because it takes energy and concentration to notice when you need to make a decision or do something other than what is just happening to you. It is harder work, anytime in life, when we are making decisions. Doing something different requires a decision and energy to pursue it. The antidote, of course, is to think about where you really want your life to be or head, and make the right turn-offs to get there.

Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty
Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty
Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty
Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty
Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty
Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty
Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty
Coasting on Pretty Coasting on Pretty

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