Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)

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Kids just a few years older than grace, my oldest, were so profoundly impacted that it shaped their career decisions, many chose military and government life. I bet you can think of some shared experiences that you and those in your community experienced that the rest of us might not be aware of. In When the moon landing was happening, all channels were tuned in, there were not a gazillion other channels where people could skip the landing and watch something else like there is today, everyone was captivated, the entire nation was paying attention.

We can say similar things about shared experiences and the Gen Xers which I am one of, but here is where the variables begin to become even more numerous, there are more regional factors, experiential factors, media input factors, and definitely social factors. Other parents opened the world to their children by taking them traveling, letting them pursue what they desired and accepted them for who they are. This is the generation that brought about a new psychological designation, the parentification of children and are only now studying what impact that has had on them.

I could go on and on, what it comes down to is the 1 reason that there is tension between the Boomers in particular, and the Millennials and the boomers are the unknown, the unrelatable. Humans are not comfortable in the unknown realm, we have survived for millennia because of our observational and predictive abilities. Good, I knew you were with me,. Boomers in general value respect, they believe in working your way up, and that respect is earned.

Five Things I Have Learned As A Millennial Working With Baby Boomers

They were the workaholic generation and feel that sacrifice is necessary, They worked hard for what they have, and had lots of opportunities and corporate fealty was the norm. They know a lot and have experienced a lot of change. You can see how they are often rubbed the wrong way by the more self-assured, outspoken, non-deferential millennials.

That concept did not exist for them, rightly or wrongly. Rightly I think.

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What does that mean to you? Do you think a 70yo thinks the American dream is the same thing as a 30yo? It is a faux jeopardy game where the millennials are playing for health insurance debt relief or a mortgage. While introducing themselves one contestant explains that she is 26 and there for the health insurance because her company Google, uses a lot of contract employees, and benefits are not a reality for her.

This skit brings about an interesting concept or reality depending on how you view it, That the gen Xers, the ones generally writing the blog posts, or recording the podcast episodes, or directing the narrative in some way, are thought of as the lost generation, or the middle child of generations. They are technologically adept, educated, individualistic and value the mythical work-life balance.

With these definitions or understandings, we can see how 1, ways of communicating, can impact the different generations. Broadly, the me generation has the traditional corporate hierarchy mindset, Their world was one where you rose through the ranks and enjoyed all the benefits of station, and corporate support,. The factors I mentioned, communication methods, how we see ourselves, and our own personal life context determines the path one takes.

The millennials education was one of collaboration, from their earliest school years to their college experience, collaboration with other students was the norm, co-working has exploded and many continue that tradition taking advantage of the startup model. They do not view hierarchy in the same way that boomers do, they value what you bring to the table and how you contribute, not your age or status.

With these generational definitions, I hope that I have helped to open your eyes to they ways that we are different and the ways we are the same. I have defined, broadly the way the generations communicate, the way that they see themselves in relation to the generations and the context of their experiences and how that impacts how they interact with one another.

Open communication is key. And respect is always called for. Millennials can take advantage of the wisdom and knowledge of the boomers by being open and curious,. There are three things to keep in mind when dealing across generations. What is your shared goal,. When it comes to communicating intergenerationally try deferring to how the other prefers to communicate, is that by phone, by email, text or vox, meeting them where they are at may just help you bridge that gap. If you are a boomer, get curious, engage the millennial, be specific and respectful while conveying your point, and stay open to their world view.

Millennials and gen Xers alike, value honesty and vulnerability. Being real. The social media world that they grew up with has them savvy to the fake, persona type narrative, they will respond positively to open and honest conversations. Ask yourself, are you feeling a need to push back because of a fear of change or are you open to what the other is saying?

Do You Speak Boomer or Millennial? - Full Monty Leadership

So the next time you find yourself communicating across the generations, take a minute to think about how communication styles, the others view of self, and their context is influencing them and the way they are communicating to you. There is a place for all of us to get to the future together. When you subscribe the podcast automatically gets added to your list so that you do not have to search for it each week, the show does not get lost in all the white noise of cyberspace, so click that subscribe button now and you will never miss a show. On next weeks episode, we will take a look at how you can communicate without coming across as aggressive or the dreaded B word.

And how you can own your power. Apply for an On-air Coaching Call! Free Breakthrough Assessment. If they actually wanted to help, they should stop doing it. Ageism seems to be the only acceptable form of bigotry left and the bien pensants of the Guardian liberal left have embraced it with gusto.

Young people should be angry about house prices and rents. However, the attempt to get them to blame old people is just about stoking division and neutering that anger. So instead of demanding more houses are built all the focus is on turning private landlords into bogeymen. Or demanding rent controls. Anything to evade the fundamental issue.

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High house prices that screw the young are not an accident, the housing shortage is manufactured and stems from political decisions. What a time to be alive…. The trouble with data is that it needs some sort of mechanism to unravel it. Facts on the Internet are easily dispensed but there is no authority to parse, question, argue, validate or deny. You can choose which web site or blogger is your truth and gravitate towards un-challenging positions.

That children only spend nine months in the womb and yet are the most complicated of creatures tells you something about the general progress of intellect in the child. While most creatures are programmed and performs functions immediately, the child is still in the process of reasoning development well into their early middle age.

To endorse their whims the school strikes is an intemperate step. Why put their names to the record? To be parented by the Internet and to only hear the siren voices most practised at thought grooming is upon us and anyone endorsing processes which allow misconceptions, excuse bad behaviour and accept misdirection will have their child stolen. Many a U. Adults that do not stand against their children are people giving their kids over to others less scrupulous.

A child that only hears what it wants to hear is a menace to itself and a stark warning for the future.

Baby Boomers

When I was young I was aware some kids were decent and some were knobs. Now I am older I am aware some old uns are decent and some are knobs. I liked this article, some good points raised.

Couple Spotlight: John & Stephanie MacDowell

The older generations indeed are to blame, but not in the way it is portrayed. The problem is an educational one, the obsession with youth, where adults try to stay hip or cool or whatever you may call it just to get approval from young people. The fight is not older generations against younger generations.

Absolute cods, the young are here to learn get a job and to raise the next generation of workers, just like all previous generations. The old pay for the young, the young get old and they in turn pay for the young.


I will be impressed with the young when they refuse their inheritances, you know that nice house, the saved pensions in the bank. We are not here to be their cheerleaders in every stupid idea that crosses their mind. We, in fact, have the power, but we cannot just hand it over to them, we must be the wall they can rail against until, one day, they themselves become older and the next generation is coming up to replace them. I was just saying, that we, the older generations, have to know our duties. You must be logged in to comment. Log in or Register now. Essays, profiles and in-depth features, every Sunday. Topics Long-reads Politics. And this is why, in the phoney generation wars, the young will be the biggest casualties. Picture by: Getty Images. Roslyn Fuller Long-reads.


Phil Mullan Long-reads.

Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)
Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)
Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)
Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)
Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)
Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)
Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)
Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World) Don’t Ask And I Won’t Have To Lie (Boomer World)

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