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P hilby is a promising surname to spot on the spine of a spy thriller. And then I started to wonder what would happen if the person who walked out — regardless of their motivations — was a woman? Told by two women, and set in London and on a Greek island, it is based on a real case, in Africa. Kim died when I was five, so I had a limited amount of direct interaction.

Like Kim, my dad never cared to follow the crowd or abide by the rules, and he celebrated that trait in his father, regardless of the personal cost. In a family letter, never shared publicly before, the defector wrote from Moscow in the year his granddaughter was born.

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The novelist, who was shortlisted for an investigative journalism award at the Independent and now works for Marie Claire , has never been ashamed of her family name, but says it has given her a grim understanding of the lasting impact of espionage. As a child she remembers the phones being tapped and the knowledge that their home was under surveillance.

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Instead, Philby tipped him off and organised his defection, along with that of Guy Burgess. Philby stepped down from his MI6 position when suspicion also fell upon him, but kept up links with the service while writing for the Observer from the Middle East. Teat said. By next year, close to half a million people will have taken a DNA genealogy test, according to estimates from companies that provide them. The tests detect genetic markers that distinguish the descendants of an individual and reveal if two people share a recent common ancestor.

Seeking to expand their family trees, thousands of amateur family historians have begun asking people with the same last names to compare genes, even though most are total strangers. That is where the free drinks come in. Bopp woos with family tree diagrams from Web sites like Ancestry. Only after several e-mail exchanges does she mention DNA, and then she is quick to clarify that the test does not involve needles.

But when a detour on a recent trip brought her within miles of the only living male descendant of her maternal great-grandfather, she went for the direct approach. Determined to get the purest sample, she grabbed his glass at a local restaurant before the waitress filled it.

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Bopp asked, whipping out the DNA kit stashed in her purse. Searching for his biological relatives, Mr. But the man was not eager to verify it through a DNA test. Gilbert of his mother. When the man finally came around, Mr.

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Gilbert, a retired lawyer, was just as glad that there was no genetic match. Since learning that she shares some markers with St. She believes St.

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  5. She is willing to pay for the test, but scientists at the University of Ferrara and the Roman Catholic Church have ignored her theories. But test 40 relatives, and costs can add up. View all New York Times newsletters. She has been known to send flowers to stubborn holdouts. More drastic measures may be necessary to secure DNA from the talk-show host Jerry Springer, who has so far ignored her three e-mail messages.

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    Robards, a year-old mother of two in Sparks, Nev. There is, after all, only so much time. DNA may be the essence of life, but it is the fear of impending death that drives the current genetic genealogy frenzy.

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    Not necessarily. From North Carolina, she instructed the medical examiner in Maryland to save blood from the autopsy and persuaded the mortician to take a cheek swab. Some funeral homes now offer post-mortem DNA collection. She made sure to get the root. Jonas, a family historian in McLean, Va. Genetic testing companies encourage the use of cheek cells whenever possible, but that does not stop customers from dispatching DNA in a multitude of forms. For a premium, Family Tree DNA , a provider of the tests, has extracted genetic material from toothbrushes, hearing aids, nail clippings and postage stamps.

    Hair remains tricky. The talismans come mostly from people trying to glean genealogical information on dead relatives. But they could also be purloined from the living, as the police do with suspects. But that does not mean genetic genealogy companies want to encourage the practice. The message did not resonate, according to several attendees. For now, genetic genealogists are striking their own ethical balance. Rebekah Lloyd, 53, of Denver wrestles with her conscience as she plots to visit an year-old aunt, who has dementia. Lloyd said. Lloyd believes, may hold crucial confirmation of her own American Indian ancestry. After testing his own DNA at the request of a distant cousin, Mr.

    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy
    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy
    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy
    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy
    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy
    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy
    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy
    Family Tree - Spy Family Tree - Spy

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