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Through our fictional representations of the past we can clearly see who we really are today

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Henry Jekyll is the head of the mysterious organization Prodigium. Jekyll is also the host of his monstrous alter-ego Edward Hyde. Sometime after becoming leader of Prodigium , Dr. Jekyll tried an experiment to remove all evil impulses from himself. Unfortunately, the experiment failed, and Dr. Jekyll was forced to inject himself with a serum every couple of hours or risk transforming into a monstrous alter-ego that developed as a result of the experiments: Edward Hyde.

Jekyll upgraded his office to keep Hyde contained should the worst happen. Some time after showing Morton to Ahmanet, he offer's Morton a drink. As they talk, Jekyll begins to show signs of veins and aggressive expressions, indicating he needs to take his serum. Once Jennifer comes in and asks why he was going to kill Morton, he replies saying Morton already killed himself when he disturbed the tomb of Ahmanet.

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He then places his serum into his needle to inject himself, but accidentally bumps it away from him. Morton takes it and Jekyll's assistant tells him he doesn't know what he's doing, but Morton replies saying he know's exactly what he's doing. Jekyll begins to show signs of blackish skin and veins popping out as well as his eyes turning to blackish gold. Morton then gives him the serum, but Jekyll was unable to inject himself as Hyde had already begun to take control. Jekyll tells them to run and presses the button, sealing himself inside, but Morton was too late and is sealed inside with Hyde.

He then turns around and sees a mutilated, monstrous Edward Hyde. Morton smashes him to the door, punches him and places his hand on the security panel, but unfortunately Jekyll's hand had mutated and enlarged with long fingernails. This denied Jekyll's access and Morton was trapped inside.

Henry Jekyll

Let's start with what doesn't matter: its "accuracy" or "authenticity". Drama stands or falls by its ability to carry you along with its storytelling and to convince you willingly to suspend your disbelief. Director Peter Kosminsky will make you suspend it, I promise. This concept of "authenticity" changes over time, which is why historical dramas - notoriously - look so dated so quickly. Religious extremism and unflinching violence find their way into the plot. The television news itself is not an entirely implausible reference point for the look of the drama. The viewer sees what Cromwell sees as he travels along the passages and corridors of power: not all blurred and shaky like a camera phone, but in the spirit of citizen journalism.

Henry VIII's diet: lobster, porpoise and custard on fast days. Wolf Hall, first-look: 'masterful'. Mantel: I won't dumb down for TV masses.

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Wolf Hall: behind the scenes. Following Services. Whitemarsh Valley Country Club.


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John Henry Wolf Jr. Add a Memory.

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Share This Page. He was His sisters, Sara and Susan Wolf, preceded him in death.

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Born Sept. He also served with the National Guard. After completing his residency, he joined the staff of Germantown Hospital where his father practiced as a General Surgeon. From time to time, his dad would drop in to the operating room to proudly watch his son at work. Later, he was welcomed on the staff at Abington Memorial Hospital where he ran a solo-practice in general orthopedics with a specialty in sports medicine, his true passion.

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  4. He continued to operate at Germantown Hospital and also volunteered his time at Shriner's Hospital for Children. He loved his work and challenged himself to study the latest journals and learn about emerging trends in Orthopedics in order to provide the best treatment possible to each and every one of his patients. John treasured the privilege to work as the team doctor for several Philadelphia area professional sports teams, including the Spartans and Bulldogs in the s, the Atoms, 76ers and Stanley Cup Champion Philadelphia Flyers with Bernie Parent and the famous Broad Street Bullies in the s.

    He loved working with athletes at all levels and also spent time with the Philadelphia Textile Soccer team and many years on the sidelines for several local high school football teams, including Germantown Academy, Cheltenham and Bishop McDevitt.

    Henry and the Wolf Doctor Henry and the Wolf Doctor
    Henry and the Wolf Doctor Henry and the Wolf Doctor
    Henry and the Wolf Doctor Henry and the Wolf Doctor
    Henry and the Wolf Doctor Henry and the Wolf Doctor
    Henry and the Wolf Doctor Henry and the Wolf Doctor

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