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Step 2: Set Up a Template

Explore more about: Ebooks , Pages , Self-Publishing. Your email address will not be published. This is all well and good, but you fail to say that you cannot create a table of contents if your book is a children's picture book with images only and no text.

Publish Your eBook

You can add an image caption and make it invisible, but you can't set the image caption as a header to use in the TOC, because it doesn't work. You can't set the image itself as a header either, so you're reduced to trying to add hidden headers behind the image, or having no TOC which some ebook publishers will not accept. To do this, first click on the View toolbar button and select Table of Contents from the menu that appears. You could also stick to the default paragraph style Heading and make that invisible.

Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Scroll down for the next article. If you are already making money with a blog , those blog posts could be turned into an ebook with some editing. Any blog posts you use should cover the same or related topics and work well together.

Although the information can be found for free throughout your site many people are willing to pay money to have it formally organized into something easier to consume, like an ebook. If you want to publish an original work of fiction or nonfiction — something you write yourself fresh — that is also a good option.

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Write something every day! Start with an outline and then fill it in.

Ebook Creator - How to Easily Make an Ebook | Blurb

You can also repurpose a book that is in the public domain. This means the copyright has expired and anybody can take the content of those books, and publish them, either updated or reworked in some way or as is. Did you see that book, Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies that came out a few years ago? You can find public domain works, which include classics like Call of the Wild by Jack London and Shakespeare and books on just about every subject you can think of a quick search yielded dog training guides, a how-to guide for amateur singers, and much more , in places like Project Gutenberg.

The key here is to not just republish the public domain works but to modify them and put your unique twist on them. An example would be the book The Art of War. Another option is you can hire someone else to write your book for you. This is actually a very common practice in the book publishing industry; these writers are referred to as "ghost writers". A final thought to keep in mind is that you don't have to write something like War and Peace. Keep in mind that while you won't make a huge profit per book on these you can sell a larger volume of books and use these as a way of attracting people into the other things you do.

Only those from established best-selling authors get this attention. With all the options available, you should have no problem finding a way to get your book title s out into the world and grab the attention of potential readers. I recommend a multichannel approach — approach the marketing from several different angles. One definite channel is social media. Leverage your Facebook page , Twitter, LinkedIn contacts, and more to get the word out.

When the book is published, post it on Facebook with a link back to your website with more information and a way to order, for example. You have to build buzz around your ebook. Encourage people to tell friends about your ebook and spread the word. Post content related to your book. Create contests.

Do giveaways. Get creative with your marketing. You should also promote your book on your blog, get active in forums related to the topic your book is about and tell people about it, and if you have an email list , be sure to promote it there too. You might also offer a free chapter of your ebook.

How to Make Passive Income From Ebooks in 10 Steps

That will get readers hooked so that they want more and will buy the rest of the ebook. The key is to be proactive with your marketing efforts to continually generate buzz and interest for your book. Also, if you're selling your ebooks on Amazon you can do paid ads directly on Amazon to promote your books to a highly targeted audience based on keyword searches and specific products like related books.

What Is an Ebook?

Edit this template. There are two ways to create the content for your e-book. You can either repurpose published articles or write something completely new. Whichever you choose, make sure it resonates with your clients and potential customers. The main idea behind offering an e-book is to give value and solve a problem. The subscribers you gain are also great of course.

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  • Knowing your audience will make the content creation process much easier. Direct the text to your ideal client. Use the language your clients use so they can grasp the information quickly. Be concise, avoid fluff and stay away from too much technical jargon. If you can imagine them nodding their heads as they read, then you are going in the right direction.

    Do the right amount of research to give your readers the best information possible. Fact check everything and cite sources if necessary. The title must be attention-grabbing, informative and should encompass the topic completely. Avoid using obscure metaphors or contrived wording. Readers must know what they are getting from your e-book before they download it.

    A great e-book will have a table of contents with descriptive titles for each section. These should use few words, the right amount for each topic to be clear. Select parts of the text which can be turned into bullet points or charts. Find informative paragraphs which can be turned into infographic visuals. Take notes on sections which could be well suited to use as captions or quotes.

    These can break up long blocks of text in a visual way, helping the reader skim the content before reading.

    Design a visually rich fixed layout EPUB

    Edit and proofread all your text. Grammar mistakes and typos will make content seem unprofessional even if well written. Use online editors like Grammarly and Hemingway for help. If you are creating the e-book for your brand, then you might already have a style guide on hand. You might even have the Visme Brand Kit. These will save you precious time and let you concentrate on making your content great.

    Use the brand kit to set fonts, colors, templates and logos. If you are creating an e-book for a client, ask them for their style guide. If, in any case, there is no style guide available, then you must do the following:. Have all the styling information on hand along with the content.

    How To Make An Ebook How To Make An Ebook
    How To Make An Ebook How To Make An Ebook
    How To Make An Ebook How To Make An Ebook
    How To Make An Ebook How To Make An Ebook
    How To Make An Ebook How To Make An Ebook
    How To Make An Ebook How To Make An Ebook
    How To Make An Ebook How To Make An Ebook

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