Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered

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The same goes for four-quadrant appeal; the more your movie costs, the bigger your audience needs to be to earn that money back. Avatar and Titanic are four-quadrant movies. Andy: What is the first step you take in getting interest from a production company? Some need a bit more work; others are train wrecks.

And then you have the translation issue: some books are movies; most are not.

Andy: Why is it best to have a screenplay? If the screenplay is ready to go, the producer can skip a lot of costly and time-consuming development steps and go looking for attachments or buyers right now. Less trouble, fewer headaches, and a faster sale if things go well. John: The pitch pack is an attempt at a happy medium between raw idea and polished screenplay: unique enough to protect, and hopefully strong enough to generate real interest.

Andy: Okay. So you have your script or pitch pack Then what? Keep in mind, though, that if you have a finished script, you can approach reps—meaning agents and managers. If you find a good one to take you on, they will then approach producers and production companies on your behalf. So even if it takes you a while to land a rep, the total time needed to reach your target buyers could still be much shorter.

Also, there are some very good reasons to avoid approaching producers or production companies by yourself—not the least of which is overexposure. A good rep—agent or manager—can get your script into the hands of all the right producers in a matter of days.

Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered

I learned this the hard way. Q: How does the pitch in Hollywood differ from what is expected in book publishing? The first step is the logline, which boils your story down to a second pitch. It sounds ridiculous, but it can be done, and is in fact a sort of art—one I cover in a blog post called Building the Perfect Logline. An agent or producer can read to 1, loglines in the time it takes to read a single script. If the logline grabs them, they take the next step, and ask for more info or the script itself.

Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered - Loretta Hunt Freeman - Google книги

If they ask for more info, you give them a synopsis or a pitch sheet teaser, which is the equivalent of a movie trailer in words: your story in one minute. In some cases, you can get by with a pitch pack in place of the script. In other cases, not. Tags: andy ross , andy ross agency , ask the agent , avatar , book option , book publishing , books , film adaptation , film option , film rights , hollywood , john marlow , literary agent , logline , movie option , movie rights , movies , nano , pitch pack , royalties , screen play , screenplay , self editing blog , titanic , writing.

This entry was posted on January 2, at am and is filed under Interviews , tips on getting published. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. I have just published my fourth book. For the first time I think and so do many others that a book of mine would translate into a fine movie containing the 10 essential elements mentioned by Andy Ross. I have devoured his information re: book into movie.

Since I have no experience writing scripts, I believe I would need an agent rep.

Books into Movies: Everything You Need to Know (Almost). Part 1

But where to start? How to accomplish contact one? I have written a brief to the point synopsis of my latest book. Should I send this along with the book itself or just the synopsis? Any help on this will be much appreciated. I was assigned to the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten island, N. Our mission was to sift through the entire WTC debris searching for personal effects ,the planes black boxes and human remains. While assigned there I suffered a massive heart attack and near death experience. Through the appearence of apparitions, tactile communication and telepathy, I have become a psychic medium and have done hundreds of readings for families.

I am looking for a screenwriter as I have received hundreds of emails telling me to make this a movie. The ghostcop. There are a lot of them and you can usually find them by googling. All I can say is that getting books published is very difficult these days.

Loretta Hunt Freeman - Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered

Getting films produced from books is very very difficult. I had written a book a love story tragedy of the early 20th century, The setting is the Philippines a family with so much problems.

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All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. New Used Not Specified 5. Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Ruiz -- and headed straight to Miami. In Miami, Joel Ruiz discovered a world that neither American television nor Communist propaganda had prepared him for.

Dogs did not growl at him and police officers did not hose him. But he felt the stares of security guards when he entered a store in a white neighborhood and the subtle recoiling of white women when he walked by. Miami is deeply segregated, and when Mr.

Ruiz arrived, he settled into one of the black urban sections, Liberty City. He had family there. His uncle Jorge Aranguren had arrived in and married an African-American. Ruiz took a job at his uncle's liquor store and started learning English. The first thing Mr. Ruiz noticed about his new world was the absence of whites. He had seen barrios in Havana with more blacks than others, but he had never lived in a place where everybody was black. Far from feeling comfortable, he yearned for the mixing he had known in Cuba. In Cuba, he says, he had been taught to see skin color -- in his case, the color of chocolate milk -- as not much more important than, say, the color of his eyes.

But this was not Cuba. This was Miami, and in Miami, as the roughly 7 percent of the area's Cubans who are black quickly learn, skin color easily trumps nationality. Ruiz began to understand that in earnest on Valentine's Day , three months after his arrival in Miami. They took three light-skinned girlfriends along.

Ruiz wore one of his nicest outfits -- black jeans and a red-and-green checked shirt.

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He was new to the country and unsure how to behave, but he felt comfortable at Versailles. After all, he remembers thinking, he was among Cubans.

He knew the food, he could read the menu, and he could talk to the waiters. The five sat in the back.

Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered
Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered
Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered
Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered
Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered
Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered
Lumbee Indian Girl: Battered But Not Shattered

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