Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)

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  • Maddy's Floor: Psychic Visions, Book 3 (Unabridged).

Who takes care of this selfless soul who gives everything she has to save every single patient? When does she ever allow herself to rest, relax, and live? The more time he spends with her, the more he wants to get to know her privately. Bizarre events in Maddy's facility draw Drew's professional curiosity. Several intersect with one of his cold cases, causing him to wonder if an old killer has been resurrected…literally.

If so, Maddy's directly in the path of danger.

Maddy's Floor: Psychic Visions, #3

Drew wonders, How can anyone stop a force of nature — whether good or evil — that no one else can see, feel, or, frankly, believe …unless Maddy has the ability to do all those things and more? But, before she can unearth another old case to sink her teeth into, she must tie up some loose ends from the last one. Steve Albright, fixer for the local biker gang, has made it clear that he blames Doreen for sending his. Steve even suggests that Doreen might have set up Penny Jordan.

Until she uncovers a connection to three arson cases from years ago and is warned off by Corporal Mack Moreau. Vince is not on board with the wave of romance happening at Legendary Security and so is happy to escape all that, but he soon finds himself aboard a research vessel off the coast of the Galapagos Islands, dealing with his own tide of emotions.

Vanessa loves her research trips.

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This latest one is finally coming to a successful conclusion, as she completestheir data collection, when their vessel is boarded by pirates. She wakes to find the only other female member of the team is missing …. Worried, the team returns to shore, trying to sort out what happened. Vanessa insists on tracking her missing team member, even as the others vote to return home. Vanessa refuses. After spending a brutal year trying to cope after the loss of her sister, Alexis Gordon knows she needs to get on with her life.

Only, instead of the normal work day she'd anticipated as the means to begin her journey back to the land of the living, reality as she knows it disappears…. Kevin Sutherland is a detective and a psychic. Recognizing Alexis's gift and aware she has no idea what's happening to her, he calls his friend and frequent case consultant, Stefan Kronos, an artist with psychic gifts.

Stefan leads a community of psychics able to help Alexis understand and develop her unique skills. Alexis has unwittingly become involved in a case unlike anything Kevin has ever seen before. The killer seems to have a personal vendetta against Alexis herself. He intends to eliminate her before she uses her psychic gift to discover not only his identity but the garden of sorrow he's buried his long-dead victims. Wealthy and beautiful Shay Lassiter runs a prestigious foundation that she built with her considerable connections and resources. Who to trust? Shay guards her heart…while using her knack for reading people's intentions, whether they're good or evil, to guide her through the dark, unfathomable maze that's become her normal life.

Inexplicably, foundation clients start dying. Shay turns to the new man she's been seeing — computer specialist and ex-cop Roman Chandler — needing his protection. Roman has been giving her mixed signals in order to keep a secret that involves Shay and could easily ruin the fragile relationship he wants to build with her. Whoever's behind the troubles plaguing Shay's world is about to turn his need for revenge on the source of his rage.

When vengeance comes knocking, the results are sure to be deadly…. Injured people in need of aid call out to friends and family or even strangers for help. Who can animals turn to who would not only hear them but understand their cry for help? Such a creature would truly be a rare find.

Determined to bury her aching heart in service of her animals at Exotic Landscape, Tabitha is caught unaware when she's yanked out of her cozy little retreat by the appeal of someone needing rescue. Responding to that call gets her more trouble than she bargained for. Understanding secrets isn't difficult for someone with quite a few of his own, but Detective Ronin Chandler learns that the mysteries of the universe can take on a whole new level of meaning.

With the woman he loves in jeopardy, Ronin struggles to comprehend what's happening, what Tabitha needs, and how to even help her…before he loses her, maybe forever. Danger escalates at every turn. Determining who to trust — and who not to — becomes as much of a challenge as figuring out who wants them dead. Celina Wilton is technically blind, but, given the alternative of being dead instead, she's learned how to adapt to a condition she finds far from ideal. Leader of a community of psychics, Stefan Kronos is often asked by the police to help out on special cases where his unique abilities assist with investigations.

When he's called upon to consult on a case, Celina falls squarely on his radar.

For a long time, he's wanted to get to know Celina better, and the only reason he's gotten as far as he has around her walls is by proceeding in unusual ways. He's had to cautiously watch his every step…and now, in order to protect her, he has to watch hers as well. But, to unravel the threads tangling their lives with a vicious killer, Celina will need to trust Stefan enough to let him inside her barriers.

This stalker is like none other Stefan has encountered. Before long, he realizes he's not the only one with eyes into Celina's soul…. When she was young, Tia was forced into a prison, studied and tortured, because of her special talent. The chance for escape led her to run as far away as she could…but she quickly discovered there is nowhere she can hide that they can't find her.

Stefan Kronos, a psychic who's formed a community of those like her, is the only person she believes can help her. When she begs him to help her, she awakens from a coma six weeks later. Her problems have only just begun, chief among them that she's still being hunted. Dean is moonlighting as a guard at the hospital Tia finds herself in upon rousing from unconsciousness. Between a rock and a hard place, Dean has met Tia, a woman he can't forget…and equally can't believe the insane things she's telling him — until there's absolutely no other choice.

What's at stake becomes only too clear when Tia's problems become Dean's, entwining them so neither knows where one stops and the other starts. If she runs again, how can he find someone of her unbelievable talents?

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Cree Forest is a clever fox shifter-and very foxy. John is keen to hire her brilliant mind onto his team. But Cree isn't what she seems. Just as John has been watching her, Cree has been spying on him. Now John is getting too close-both professionally and personally. The negative energy is growing stronger. The sister's and their men need to stand united and fight against the unseen.

Along with their unique spirit pets. Intriguing stories that take place in Glory, part of one area on a different planet. Jazz has had a lousy year. The one guy she thought might have staying power, took off without so much as a goodbye. Well fine, she didn't need him. She had her business and best friend Roxy. She loved designing the perfect tattoos for people. Life was finally good again Morgan Ashton realized that he might have screwed up the best thing in his life. He believed he had all the facts, but now that he thought about things, he might have been wrong.

His personal life would have to wait, he had to find out what happened to his brother Billy. And he needed her help to do it.

This story has a past of hurt, a present of danger, and a future of unknown. Morgan and Jazz will have to get over that past hurt and the ever-present danger stalking them before they can ever think of any type of future This is the first of three novellas and it does end with a cliffhanger. Morgan and Jazz continue to dodge bullets And, if the body in the morgue is Billy, who killed him. It's a bit hard to rebuild their romance while being pursued and tormented by some unknown assailant, on the other hand, it may be pushing them closer together.

As with part one, this book also ends on cliffhanger and keeps the reader anxiously awaiting the final installment of this series. Suspense and romance mixed with a who done it and who exactly was it done to. Things are not getting any easier for Morgan and Jazz. She's not healing up from her gunshot wound which is understandable since they haven't had more than a moment's peace since it happened. It's harder to know the good guys from the bad Maybe there is not a bright light shining but at least they will come to an end of a really tough time. This third novella in the series brings a finale to this story.

Amazon Morgan and Jazz have been through some tough times together—and apart. Misunderstandings and the need to be on the road had taken Morgan away from her. A tattoo and murder brought them back together.

Maddy's Floor by DALE MAYER - Interview/Excerpt/Giveaway |

They'd been chased, shot at, actually shot, and more. And now Jazz is facing a new crisis Can they find the courage to tell each other what's on their minds? Or will another misunderstanding tear them apart?

Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3) Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)
Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3) Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)
Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3) Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)
Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3) Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)
Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3) Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)
Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3) Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)
Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3) Maddys Floor (Psychic Visions Book 3)

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