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Send me the Tomato Freaks Guide to choosing, growing, and selling

If you have the best heirloom tomato starts in town let people know! Talk to friends and neighbors or post a few flyers. While your backyard garden may never be big enough to sell wholesale to your local grocery store you may find a nearby health food store or food co-op that will take some produce off your hands. These stores generally require a less consistent product and supply and may be willing to work with your restrictions.

Making money from your garden?

It never hurts to ask. Roadside stands can be as simple as a table and some baskets.

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Some businesses allow people to set up a table with produce in their parking lot, just ask around. On top of that you need to consider the cost of fuel to get you to and from the market. Customers are more likely to spend their dollars at booths with beautiful displays and loads of produce.

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  • Did we miss any great ideas? Let us know. You only have part of the year to make money unless you have somewhere else you can move your plants during the cold season. The length of you growing season will be decided by how far north you live and the climate where you live.

    Garden to Make Money

    If you live far enough south for the greenhouse to stay warm all year even though it is unheated then you should still consider it to be a heated greenhouse. If you have an unheated greenhouse then you will most likely be able to have two different income streams each year. The first is from planting seeds and selling baby plants in the spring, the second will come from tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables you can grow in your greenhouse during the summer.

    I recommend that you always plant seeds in the spring to make sure that you do not have to buy any plants. When you do this you can just as well plant a lot of extra seeds so that you can sell plants to other greenhouse owners and gardeners. This requires little extra effort and can give you a nice extra income.

    I recommend that you plant as many extra plants as can fit in the greenhouse and that you think you can sell.

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    It is very important that you keep barrels of water in the greenhouse in the early spring to protect the plants from extra cold nights. The heat stored in the water will help keep the greenhouse warm.

    Make $500 a Week By Turning Your Garden into a Farm

    Plant your seeds so that the plants are ready to sell when other greenhouse owners start looking for plans. Plant a variety of common and more unusual types. Once the extra plants have been sold it is time to remove the seed tables from the greenhouse and plant directly in the dirt beds. Make sure that the ground is warm enough to do this.

    If the ground is cold then it can be better to wait a little longer. If you got a small greenhouse then I recommend that you primarily plant vegetables for your own consumption and based on your own preferences.

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    This is going to be your most profitable option. Due to the fact that you do not need to pay for vegetables and saves money on your grocery purchases. If your greenhouse is a little bigger then you can choose to also grow plants that you think are going to produce vegetables that are easy to sell. I personally recommend rare and odd heirloom varieties. Read more about how to choose vegetables on my page about profitable plants or on growing vegetables for profit page.

    A heated greenhouse gives you a lot more options about how you can make money. You can choose to use the techniques that I wrote about above for unheated greenhouses. Doing so is to waste the potential of a heated greenhouse. You can, of course, grow your own vegetables in your greenhouse but I do not think you should limit yourself to only that. If you want to earn as much money as possible you need to optimize the output you get from your greenhouse during the year.

    Money from Gardening, Make an Income from Your Garden

    Not focus exclusively on a few months of the year. Please keep in mind that tomatoes produce a gas that most other plants dislike. DO NOT grow tomatoes in a greenhouse where you have other types of profitable plants. Keeping tomatoes in the greenhouse can make it impossible to earn money from other plants.

    I have talked about how you can make money from exotic rare plants in this article here. Bees are easy to manage, and with hive harvesting of honey, it is a sure method to make a profit. Many people keep gardens for fun…it might be just a hobby to keep them busy or just something that they enjoy doing. But you can go the extra mile and turn your garden into a business. Find out which of these 8 ways to make money from your garden interests you and what you are good at, and you might amaze yourself when you end up with a gardening company.

    How to Make Money From Your Backyard

    Tommy Rosenfield is a freelance writer and tutor. He studied journalism at New York University. Also, he loves gardening, camping, and healthy living.

    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden
    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden
    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden
    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden
    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden
    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden
    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden
    Make Money From Your Garden Make Money From Your Garden

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