The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2)

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Rather than outer space, which is very far away, it's just another room out there waiting to be explored. It's a beautiful, poetic concept," he says. In German, there is a word to describe the phenomenon getting a song stuck in your head: "ear worm" "Ohrwurm".

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As in every language, German has a number of idioms referring to a color. But some of their literal translations can be enigmatic for English speakers. Can you guess their meaning? January 11 marks International Thank You Day. It's summer in Germany. That means people go on vacation, jump into their local pool and enjoy the warm sun. Here are 11 German words you might hear often this time of year.

The German language is full of odd expressions. These were inspired by Mother Nature. The barnyard animal is a big part of German culture, too — and not just in the form of a delicious schnitzel on a plate. Here are a few popular sayings that feature pigs. Two English authors think there are some German expressions that would really enrich the English language.

So they translated them for an international audience in their new book, "Denglisch for Better Knowers. The current African swine fever crisis is an example of how dependent Germany is on China. The children's tale 'Fritzi war dabei' Fritzi was there too by author Hanna Schott is now in German cinemas. The film uses a child-friendly approach to explain the events that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Who is YOUR favourite? More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Lifestyle Is your pig whistling? Quirky German idioms featuring pigs It's the Chinese Year of the Pig — time to let out the sow, as they say in Germany. German expressions with a color to brighten up your life As in every language, German has a number of idioms referring to a color. Why Germans 'have pig' when there's not a pig in sight is the Chinese Year of the Pig.

German idioms you really shouldn't take literally. Date Simply written, absorbing and inspiring. It is mystery in which mobile phone technology is the key — not that this would normally be of much interest to me but somehow James Moloney makes this mystery adventure tale very entertaining. Renton is 13 years old and is travelling with his father in France when his father is kidnapped.

Mobile phones can truly do amazing things in the hands of smart kids! One of the popular Aussie Chomps. A very funny book with delightful rhyme and repetition. The rhyme, rhythm and repletion ensure that the story would be a delight to read aloud. The illustrations are lively, humorous and engaging. The text is minimal while the illustrations vividly depict a series of vignettes in the life of cat and what happens as he encounters a dog, a sprinkler, a mouse, a bird, a bike, milk and a mat.

It is a virtuoso rhyming performance about an extended family which grows as other relatives come and stay and then shrinks as they all leave. Luckily Jase is very a handy with a saw and can just build on another floor or take it away as is needed. By moving backwards in decades from , this sophisticated picture book shows how a particular neighbourhood in Sydney has changed from an urban street to the first white settlement and before to the time when the Aboriginal people lived there.

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The story is told through the eyes of the various children who lived in the area. An innovative book which inspires students to work on similar projects wherever they are in the world. Some of the frustrations, difficulties and injustices of village life are revealed in this story of Dawan, a 12 year old girl who strives to continue her education at a city high school in Thailand in spite of competition from her brother and opposition from her father.

Jack is very surprised when he comes back much later and sees what happens to them over time after they have been buried in the compost heap. There are more science concepts in this simple picture book which is great fun to read aloud. It is a textless picture book. It is also a textless picture book. However when Millie from next door comes over to play in the leftover cardboard boxes, he is quickly happy and at ease again. After all, it is family and friends that make a home. They do such special things together. Then Nonna starts to forget things and eventually has to move to a home so she can be taken care of.

This is a positive portrayal of how one little girl copes with the changes that can be so confusing for young children as their grandparents age.

Ormie the Pig

The text is simple but the illustrations add complex detail as we see the children helping their parents in the many farm activities. The book is a celebration of the seasons on an Australian farm in the country, not in the harsh outback but a softer Australian countryside. The simply written but beautiful text describes how the children feel about their new school and how it was built. At the end of the book there are several pages with photos and more information describing the village and how the school was built and the changes that the school has brought to the village and to the children.

The Boy is already a well-known character from two earlier picture books. More adventures follow. There is so much to observe and so much action which is very easily followed in spite of the fact that there are no words. Gregory Rogers has created some remarkable characters and a wonderful world through his vibrant and expressive illustrations.

Teacher Ideas – Roald Dahl Fans

It shows the differences but it especially shows how all their lives are connected since wherever they are, there is just one sun and one moon shining down on all the earth. Inspired by a trip to Morocco, Jeannie Baker has told two stories in the one book. The stories look like two separate books and are designed to be read at the same time, one from the left and the other from the right.

Page by page we experience a day in the life of two boys and their families; one in inner Sydney and the other in a remote village in Morocco. The landscapes are very different and also their clothes and their houses but in the way the families care for each other and for their communities they are essentially the same. The two families are a mirror image of each other and there is a further link provided by the carpet sold by the family in Morocco and bought by the family in Australia. The collage work is extraordinary and the images convey so much without the need for words.

Rose lives in the Top End in the Northern Territory. It is a complicated and skilled process but there is so much sharing and warmth as they do their collecting and this continues as they sit for days under the banyan tree making their colourful baskets and weavings. The illustrations are strongly influenced by Aboriginal art but they are also strikingly original especially in the design of the colourful pages and the use of collage.

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The text is simple but also very informative. She is awoken by strange noises outside which turn out to be her large extended family come to wish her happy birthday. Lily might be ninety years old but inside she feels just as old as her four and a half year granddaughter. Same, same but different! He is determined to bring the dragon back to life and with the skills and help of the people in Chinatown they succeed in restoring the old dragon to its former glory.

The young Chinese boy is delighted to make so many friends in Chinatown. The emails fly backwards and forwards providing much amusement as well as glimpses of the difference and similarities between their lives and also some of the history linking the two countries. However in the end she decides that her name, Unhei meaning Grace, reflects herself and her culture.

The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2) The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2)
The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2) The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2)
The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2) The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2)
The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2) The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2)
The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2) The Pig (Teachers and Other Slightly Filthy Creatures Book 2)

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